Lubov Shakirova – curator – The State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg
At a first fleeting glance, Ilana Raviv’s paintings appear as
clots of colorful chaos. We introduce an artist who creates
on the wave of emotional decompensation, without planning,
or formula, rather by intuition. Lines and forms branch out of control,
overmaster the artist’s will.

Dr. Andrei Tolstoy – Moscow Museum of Modern Art
Our colleagues from the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg have already had the pleasure of seeing her work in an exhibition held there last year. Now, for the first time, we also have an opportunity to view her work and I would like to emphasize that we are extremely happy to open this exhibition at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art at this festive time of Christmas and New Year.

Anna Dvukhimennaya curator Moscow Museum of Modern Art
It is conventional to call the second-half of the twentieth century through the beginning of the twenty-first century the period of postmodernism under which heading is understood a broad cultural movement. One of its chief characteristics is the condition of multiple styles. Postmodernist artists use figures of the most different stylistic orientations in their vocabulary of expressive means, by this creating their own ideas, different from any past periods in the history of expressive art.

Knox Martin Review (July 26, 1984)
The art (paintings and drawings) of Ilana Raviv has the kind of perceptive rightness as its base as do a certain period of Jackson Pollock, Hals and Miro. When one says a certain period, one indicates a non-analytical flow that congeals the right moment out of a fragile flight, which peaks.

Synthetic Realism as Emblematical Language – Dr. Miriam Or
Those who follow the development of Ilana Raviv’s Art are stunned with wonder at the unexpected discovery of a surge of creativity, of forceful colors and shapes as she embraces all possible elements out of the artistic achievements in human culture.

The story of Ilana Raviv’s work is divided into several periods and is distinguished by her sense of form, color and composition as subjective values that are supported by formal values based on synthetic and emblematic issues.

The Magical Synthetic Realism of Ilana Raviv
” I am completely and sincerely convinced that the best criticism is amusing and poetic; not the other kind, cold and algebraic which under the guise of being all explanatory, voluntarily shuns any emotion … but regarding valid criticism, I expect philosophers to understand what I intend saying: in order for it to be deemed valid, in order to justify its existence, criticism should be partial, passionate and political; It should adopt an exclusive point of view, broadening its horizons as much as possible”. (Charles Baudelaire)

Exhibition: Smiles and Surprises
Ilana Raviv one person exhibition
By: Noa Tal- Curator
“Smiles and Surprises”
“Infanta 2005”
Review By: Elie Lavie, Noa Tal
Exhibition Review
August 18-October 2, 2005

Exhibition: Synthetic Realism
Exhibition: Synthetic Realism
Location: Wilfrid Israel Museum, Kibbutz Hazorea, Israel
Date: 2001-2002
Review By: Orit Lutringer
Exhibition Review

Ilana Raviv – Synthetic Realism

The Consciousness behind the Brush Strokes
About the work of the artist Ilana Raviv
By: Sarit Shatz

Exhibition: Magna Mater
Exhibition: Magna Mater
Location: The National Arts Club, New York
Date: 2000
Review By: Dr. Alec Mishory, Art Critic & Historian

נוקס מרטין – תערוכת אמנות, נובמבר 1982

Exhibition: Alice in Wildland
Location: Castra Gallery, Haifa
Date: 2000
About Alice – By Ilana Raviv
Exhibition Review

I have been fascinated with the character of “Alice” from Alice in Wonderland for many years. In the year 2000 Castra Gallery in Haifa, Israel, hosted an exhibit of mine – I called it “Alice in Wildland”.

Woman Her Many Faces
Location: Tel Aviv – Beit Ariela Public Library and Cultural Center